Assets Under Management
Units Acquired

Green Valley Apartment Community

Green Valley Apartments is a 68-unit apartment community within the Evansville, IN, MSA. We closed on this property in January 2020, and immediately started interior and exterior renovations. This project is projected to be a 7-10 year hold.

The Columbus Loft

We partnered on this deal to turn a beautiful loft apartment into one of the nicest short-term rental properties in the market.

The Live-In Flip

Discovered a gem of a property in the highly desired Lakebottom district, and completely renovated the entire house. We increased the property value approximately $100,000.

The Cozy Cottage

We seized an opportunity to create an income-producing asset out of a dilapidated storage space. This cottage provides visitors a perfect little getaway in the heart of the Lakebottom area of Columbus, Ga.

BRRRR Duplex on Powell

We purchased this duplex directly from the seller. It was habitable, but not in great shape. Located in a solid B-class area, this property needed extensive exterior and landscaping work with some minor cosmetic work inside. After completing the renovation- we refinanced and pulled over 80% of our original investment out of the deal.

Riverside House Hack

We bought this house, lived in it, and then turned it into our first investment property. Since 2017, it has been a short-term rental property.

Project 1

We specialize in purchasing under-performing apartment complexes and re-positioning the property to reach it’s potential.

We instill strong property management fundamentals, moderate to extensive renovations, re-branding, and/or tightening operational efficiencies that maximize the value of the property.