Assets Under Management
Units Acquired

Green Valley Apartment Community

Riverside closed on this 68-unit apartment community in southern Indiana in early 2020, and immediately started interior and exterior renovations. This project is projected to be a 7-10 year hold.

The Columbus Loft

Riverside partnered on this deal to turn a beautiful loft apartment into one of the nicest short-term rental properties in the market.

The Live-In Flip

Riverside discovered a gem of a property in the highly desired Lakebottom district, and completely renovated the entire house. Through extensive renovations, two cashflowing short-term rentals were created while increasing the property value by over 40%.

The Cozy Cottage

This renovated cottage provides visitors a perfect little getaway in the heart of the Lakebottom area of Columbus, Ga.

BRRRR Duplex on Powell

Riverside worked directly with the owner on this reposition. Over 75% of the original capital invested was recovered on this cash-flowing duplex after completing the renovations and refinancing this property.

Riverside House Hack

The first short-term rental in the portfolio was purchased in 2015. It has provided excellent returns since day 1.

Project 1

We specialize in purchasing under-performing apartment complexes and re-positioning the property to reach it’s potential.

We instill strong property management fundamentals, moderate to extensive renovations, re-branding, and/or tightening operational efficiencies that maximize the value of the property.